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Regular meeting venue: Meetings are held on Wednesdays (mostly) in the Belmont Cinema from 7-9 pm. 
Contact: Eric Summers, [email protected]

Aberdeen is the only Scottish Branch, but we are proud of Dickens’s strong Scottish connections, through his wife, his friends and his frequent trips north.  He spoke in Aberdeen twice in 1858 and 1866.  We hosted the Annual International Conference in 2016.  This was only the third time the Conference has been held in Scotland.  Little Doric is our online newsletter/journal.  It is published three times a year.  Please contact Eric Summers if you would like to be added to our mailing list

Aberdeen Dickens Fellowship 2020-21

Book of the Season: A Tale of Two Cities
21 April John Bowen Counting On: A Tale of Two Cities
12 May Finlay Crossan Places in Dickensʼs Fiction with particular reference A Tale of Two Cities
All meetings will be conducted online via Zoom, commencing at 7.30pm
Fellowship members would be welcome to join us and anyone wanting to listen should email Eric Summers [email protected] in advance of the date.



Online event

Dr Valerie Purton “Dickens & Tennyson”

Venue: Online, over Zoom
Annual Fellowship Conference

115th Annual Dickens Conference

Venue: Haarlem, The Netherlands
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